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Project Relocation

I have purchased a new domain to host the Research Tree Online at.

The new website address is http://www.supcomresearch.com

The Online Research tree at the current domain (www.cwmftw.com/SC2/) is now currently out of date (this site is at beta 0.3, and supcomresearch.com is at beta 0.4) and I will more than likely start auto-redirecting to the new domain in a day or 2. Please update your bookmarks accordingly, and make a post on any gaming forums that you have shared the link at, informing other people of the site move.

Thank you for your visit,

Welcome to the Supreme Commander 2 Interactive Online Research Tree!

For the latest information about this project that I haven't posted here yet, or to discuss it please visit the following thread at the Gas Powered Games forums.


Beta 0.3 has now been uploaded!

After a slight hiccup, the third revision of the Online Research tree has been uploaded. The following functionality has been added:
- Reset button no longer causes page reload
- Button to reset just a single research tree rather than all 5
- Button to populate ALL research data in all of the trees
- Button to populate all research data in a single tree
- The ability to save a link to the Research Build you just spent an excessive amount of time to create!

That's right, you're now able to save your research template into a nice link that you can post on forums, or come back to and refine further later on!

If you have any comments/suggestions about the Online Research Tree please make a post on the Interactive Research Tree Online thread at the Gas Powered Games forum.

Beta 0.2 has now been uploaded!

The second revision of the Online Research Tree is now up and running! The following project goals are now complete:
- Enter data for the Cybran
- Enter data for the Illuminate
- Add a reset button (I'll make one that doesn't cause a page reload in the future!)
- Improved graphics all around, should improve load times in the research panels and look more sexy. :)

I should also probably mention that as long as your internet explorer is at version 8, you should be able to view the Online Research Tree from within Supreme Commander 2 by using Steam's in-game web browser. Gives a person something to do while they wait for their opponents in multiplayer to hurry up! ;)

If you have any comments/suggestions/HEY LOOK YOU SCREWED UP reports about the Online Research Tree please make a post on the Interactive Research Tree Online thread at the Gas Powered Games forum.